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What You Need To Know About The Tourism In Assam

Assam is a central state located in the North-Eastern region of India that acts as a gateway to the other Seven Sister States. This land of blue hills and red river, Assam is represented as peerlessness in regards to its outstanding natural beauty, all-around socio-economy, and exceptional cultural richness.

Below are a few of the major tourist attractions in Assam:

• Kaziranga National Park

This location is recognized as one of the World Heritage Sites and serves as the primary habitat for the Great Indian One-Horned Rhinoceros which can be found in the Nagaon and Golaghat district of Assam. From November to March is the better time in the year to pay this park a visit.

• Guwahati

The capital city of Assam as well as the largest city in North-East India, this location acts as the main gateway to the entire region. The main tourist attractions in Guwahati include the Accoland, Shilpagram, Sankardev Kalakhetra, Umananda Temple, Kamakhya Temple and a River Cruise on the River Brahmaputra. On the outskirts of the city are a few famous spots that include Chandubi Lake, Chandrapur, Madan Kamdev and Sonapur and more. If you want to get more and visiting in Guwahati soon please check the official website  – https://guwahati-tourism.com – tourism packages also please check there facebook page about Tourism in Guwahati.

• Sivasagar

Sivasagar once served as the seat of the Ahom Kingdom for over 600 hundred years until the British take-over. This location is the home to various tanks of Ahom era and historical monuments. These include Maidams of Charaidew, Rang Ghar, Namdang Stone bridge, Talatal Ghar, Gourisagar dol, Kareng Ghar of Garhgaon, Sivasagar Tank, Sivadol, Joysagar tank and Joydol

• Tezpur

Located on the north bank of the Brahmaputra, this area is steeped in culture and history and is well-known as the “city of eternal romance.” There are a variety of tourist attractions in the area that include Chitralekha Udyan, Usha Pahar, Mahabhairav Temple, and Agnigarh.

• Majuli

This deep is the biggest fresh-water River Island that is still recognized as pollution-free across the globe. This cultural island is found snuggled in the heart of the magnificent Brahmaputra. This area is the home to a variety of tribes that include the Sonowal, kacharies, Misings, Chutias and Deori which all enrich the Assamese culture. Some of the main attractions of Majuli include the different cultural festivals that are celebrated by each tribe.

The tourism industries are one of the growing sectors in the country of India and are what contributes to 6.23% towards the national GDP. Situated in the heart of the world’s most productive bio-geographic areas, Assam is endowed with natural beauty and indeed has many possibilities in regards to progressing into a potent force provided tourism continues to be encouraged within the region. With a wide variety of ethnic and cultural heritage and economic resources, Assam has slowly grown into one of the hubs for tourist destinations which has resulted in abundant job and income opportunities in this area. It can be outlined by the area’s biodiversity and rich fauna and flora.

The Government in Assam along with other parties have gone on to take many initiatives and strategies in order to advertise tourism in this area which has become the market that is growing the fastest in Assam. The area features remarkable water bodies, hill stations, sightseeing attractions along with wildlife parks that are inclusive of 5 national parks and 15 wildlife sanctuaries. The number of tourists that come from overseas and India has increased year by year. Besides, the state of Assam provides a host of opportunities in regards to sports enthusiasts.

Assam provides more than enough opportunities for random visitors and tourists that love adventure due to the natural scenery, green forests, rich wildlife and different spots for pilgrimage across the state. Over and above these attractions, Assam is the home for medicinal plants and herbs, exotic plants and ornamental fish accompanied by idyllic and serene places like Barnadi and Deepor Beel just to name a few.

Eco-tourism is essential when it comes to the preservation of cultural and natural assets as well as cherishing traditional aspects which are still in existence. Despite the fact that this area is home to some different cultures, the people in this state all live in peace and harmony together.

The tourism sector in Assam has been blessed with significant growth since RAP (Restricted Area Permit) was terminated. Since then many schemes and action plans have been implemented by different authorities associated with the tourism sectors which work alongside the State Government to boost and enhance infrastructural provisions along with wildlife and natural resources. The State Tourism Department has recognized the all-round progress and diversified outcomes in this infrastructure field along with the relevant facilities along with financial assistance from the State and Central Government of India. Destination Development, Wayside Amenities, and Tourism Circuit Development have been offered with notable importance in regards to the growth of tourism sectors in the way of undergoing private and public partnerships.

Tourism sectors in Assam have great potential in regards to achieving a great deal of money along with the livelihood for its people. However, due to a few constraints is has been unable to reach developed phases that include communication barriers, infrastructure disadvantages, geographical isolation along with cultural situations that have led to governmental-uncertainty, the up-rise of specific rebel activities, a lack of funds from the Central Government. Other issues include faulty governmental and socio-economic set-up, a deficiency in regards to the right tourism and travel policy of State Government along with a lack of the right friendly-investment environment. There is also a notable absence of circumstances that are good-natured to attract the tourists. Visit here where a comprehensive details about this problem is discussed.

In conclusion, the growth of the tourism-industry in Assam relies mainly on the development of the current policies that will result in enhancing their tourism department along with all-around awareness and co-operation. Furthermore, a powerful and sincere determination of the Government in this State along with involvement from the people of Assam will enhance tourism markets in Assam into the future.

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